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Since the dawn of the digital age people have become more and more disconnected from each other. AE Games strives to bring groups of people closer together to, laugh, enjoy stories, and match wits in a social environment. Tabletop gaming used to be a staple of home entertainment. Unfortunately this tradition of gaming has really fallen off the map with the introduction of video games in the home. But as every industry finds out eventually the content becomes over streamlined and stale. This opens the door for new ideas or re-imagining of old ones. We at AE Games feel that this trend is going to swing back the other direction and people will rediscover what is at the heart of tabletop gaming...A sense of connection, interaction, and community. Our goal is to provide fun, creative, new concepts and game mechanics to keep the genre fresh and engaging. When the trend swings back to tabletop games we want to be here to see it and help fuel the evolution

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Westerly Art Update

Since pulling back the first Westerly campaign we have been really focused on manufacturing to drive the cost down and game play to include all the great feedback we received. We have also put a lot of time in updating the artwork to really dress up the overall look of all the game components. I wanted to give everyone a sneak peek some updated art so you can see what we have been working on. The river cards for the prototype were particularly rough in the first campaign. These were quick mock ups so we could get as much playtesting as possible. So it was one of the first things we wanted to fix between the first campaign and the reboot. Here's a sneak peak at the new card art for rivers.

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