Analog Evolution

Since the dawn of the digital age people have become more and more disconnected from each other. AE Games strives to bring groups of people closer together to, laugh, enjoy stories, and match wits in a social environment. Tabletop gaming used to be a staple of home entertainment. Unfortunately this tradition of gaming has really fallen off the map with the introduction of video games in the home. But as every industry finds out eventually the content becomes over streamlined and stale. This opens the door for new ideas or re-imagining of old ones. We at AE Games feel that this trend is going to swing back the other direction and people will rediscover what is at the heart of tabletop gaming...A sense of connection, interaction, and community. Our goal is to provide fun, creative, new concepts and game mechanics to keep the genre fresh and engaging. When the trend swings back to tabletop games we want to be here to see it and help fuel the evolution

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Greetings Westerlings! I just wanted to provide an update on our progress so far. We are currently working with 3 different large scale game printing companies. Right now we are getting all the quotes and samples to ensure top quality. These companies have amazing experience working with large game publishers to provide premium components. This will mean high quality parts at a much better price point. We have also been working on the game with the great feedback all the Westerlings have provided. As more information comes in I will keep you up to date.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Westerly Important Announcement

Dear Westerlings, This past weekend we brought Westerly to Metatopia, a game designer’s convention. We had numerous play tests and received very positive responses to the game. Thanks to all of the buzz generated by your enthusiastic support, there were many people who were eager to check out our game for the first time. You guys and gals are awesome! When we first created the Westerly prototypes, we used our strongest skills, namely our design, illustration and boardgaming experience. While at the event, we gained a great deal of insight into some of the aspects we were less familiar with, like the printing and production of a game of this size. After processing all of this information, we came to the conclusion that we could bring you a much higher quality product for significantly less cost. And now that we know that we can, we would be foolish not to. The most important thing for us is to get you the very best product that we can. It has always been our goal to be completely open and honest with you about the project, which is why, despite how difficult this is to say, we are going to need additional time to make these adjustments. It is really important to us that you do not experience delays after the project has closed. There is nothing more infuriating than giving someone your hard earned dollars only to have them continue to send you one apologetic email after another seven months after the fact about why you haven't received the product you helped to fund. So we have decided to blaze a new trail, and this, dear Westerlings, is the plan: We need to temporarily suspend the Kickstarter campaign for two months to give us time to work with the new printer to ensure the higher quality product and the lower cost. We truly believe in our hearts that this is in the best interest of both the game itself and all those who believe in it. But fear not Westerlings, when we relaunch in January, the project pledge levels will be significantly lower and we are going to be able to include more content into the game. This new content will be shaped by the suggestions you have given us about things you would like to see in the game. In addition, because all of you have been with us since we first launched, there will be an additional reward given exclusively to you, the original Westerlings. During these proceedings, we will continually be updating our blogspot,( and we encourage you to visit and comment as frequently and frankly as you'd like. We want you to remain a part of this process the entire way through. We thank you for believing in Westerly and believing in us. We hope that you stay with us during this process, and we would greatly value your continued input. Sincerely, Your dedicated Wagon Masters Matthew Schwartz, Trevor Lafferty and Ian Bates